PEAL Brains: We’re Alive!!

This is a sem-regular column, hosted by PEAL’s Professional Development Committee that features the fantastic brainpower of the up and coming PEAL artists!  This is a forum for PEAL members to share quick-and-dirty how-to’s, fresh and creative approaches to the arts field, asking questions and sharing big ideas!  Curious to read?  Search for the PEAL Brains moniker.  Would you like to submit your own post? Read below:

PEAL Brains Submission Guidelines


The PEAL Blog welcomes post submissions on an ongoing basis. Anyone is welcome to submit an article relevant to our audience.

Some rough guidelines:

  • We like articles between 500 and 1,000 words.
  • This is a place to wear your arts professional hat. Submit something you would be proud to list on a resume.
  • Write thoughtfully and conversationally. This is not an academic journal.
  • Keep the focus of your thinking specific to working in arts and/or Portland.
  • Be creative. Use illustrations, diagrams, poems, etc. This is an arts blog, after all.

What we look for:

  • Articles that promote arts professional development, for both artists and arts administrators.
  • Articles that are practical and help readers learn.
  • Some philosophizing is welcome, too.
  • Articles that spark conversation in the comments.
  • Articles that are easy to read. Make use of headings, a strong thesis statement, and paragraph breaks.


What doesn’t belong here?

  • Critical performance/exhibition reviews.
  • Pure advertisements for your upcoming show.
  • Blatantly offensive content.
  • Plagiarism, or your own material previously published elsewhere without permission or acknowledgement.
  • Writing that is incoherent and/or grammatically beyond repair.

Why should you contribute?

This is a place to show your expertise. Want to get a job doing X? Show you’re qualified and passionate by writing about it. You don’t need a fancy title to be a leader.

Writing is thinking. Got an idea for a new marketing scheme, or networking strategy? Have an inkling that such-and-such plus so-and-so would make for powerful programming? Work it out here. Learn by teaching.

Be a part of fostering an active community. To be effective, PEAL needs your voice. Don’t let your perspective go unrepresented.

I’ve got an idea! Now what?

Write that article! Submit your post to Attach your article as a word document. Include a byline, and any links to where people can find you elsewhere online. We encourage inclusion of images and embedded links. Please make sure you have the rights to use any images, and provide image credits. We’ll handle the online formatting.

How do I know it’s a good idea?

You won’t know until you put it out there. You are welcome to email us a brief description first, and we can tell you if it seems like a good fit for this audience.

Will I get paid?

No. PEAL is an entirely volunteer-run organization.

How do you decide what to publish?

Once submitted, your article is reviewed by the editorial board (that’s Katy and Kirsten). We will read your piece, make sure it is appropriate based on the guidelines above, and fix any obvious grammatical errors. Do not assume you will have a chance to change anything once it’s submitted, however we may make suggestions and request revisions (allowing you a week to do so). Timing of publication will depend on our larger editorial calendar. Your post may go live within a week, but will likely be scheduled for a month out or more. We will certainly give you a head’s up before your post goes live.

How do I know I’m qualified to submit?

Chances are you are totally qualified. We are looking for great content, not past accomplishments. You do not need any particular experience in the arts to submit. Share what you know. Research what you don’t know, then write about that, too.

How often can I submit?

As much as you like. We are also open to developing regular columns or other recurring content. Let us know if you’re interested in something like that.


I’ve got another question about the blog.

Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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